Looking Back and Seeing Good Things Ahead

April 25, 2014, five years ago today, I brought home a 14-month-old Box-a-Point that I had adopted from a local shelter. He was definitely one of the good things happening in my life. A little more than one month earlier my Golden Doodle of 17 years had died. I was heartbroken but felt a big need to find a friend that could help fill that emptiness in my heart.

A few months prior, I had started a new company while I was in the process of closing my environmental business of 10 years. I had a great career and had done many good things that I had wanted to do as an environmental consultant, but I was ready to move on.

Things were changing. I was going through a whirlwind of ups and downs in emotions as I transitioned into a new career and my life completely changed. Shifting, such as a change in life circumstances or a new career, can be challenging. For me, sometimes I was excited and sometimes I was scared as both personal circumstances and my career changed significantly. There were many times that I thought, “What was I going to do and how would I survive?” It was all me with a little savings and the will to keep forging ahead.

Audra Gerger, Publisher/Editor

After having worked as an environmental consultant for 20 years, my skills were well developed in technical writing and reporting. I started blogging and soon after launching my new marketing company people started tapping into my writing skills for creating their content.

When I began transitioning to marketing, my quick ability to learn social media and blogging helped me prepare for a career shift. Good things were happening and I learned that I had a talent for writing almost anything for anyone. My content ranged in topics from plumbing and building with stone to health issues and food. My new career was shifting in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

It was in the middle of 2014 when I met Allie Young, the publisher of eMetro Times. She was one of the first people that gave me a chance as a newcomer in the marketing industry. She contracted me to create content and blog for her clients. Not too long after that I was editing and producing the eMetro Times newspaper along with the About print magazines.

This opportunity opened the doors for me in writing and editing news. Much of my own blogging prior to this was from the perspective of a consultant or business entrepreneur. While I blogged about having a positive attitude, writing and sharing good news was very similar to my own interests. It gave me renewed energy and a purpose. It was natural for me to share information that was positive and community related. Good things were happening. I was finally finding something to do with all that useless knowledge in my head!

Well, there were more ups and downs. When that door closed as my contract with eMetro Times ended in late 2017, I began thinking of my next steps. I started a few projects with many that are still in the works, but I felt compelled to continue sharing good news about the community. During this time, the concept of Georgia Heartland News took shape.

Thanks to my many connections and the experience that provided new insights for what I could do different with publishing, I launched a local source of online good news and information. There are many good things happening, and Georgia Heartland News is an online resource where you can find an abundance of positive news, kind acts, fun events, and other great things that are going on in our backyard.

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