Visiting the State Botanical Garden in Fall

Fall is a wonderful time to visit the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA in Athens. As temperatures begin to cool, this time of year is often thought of for the trees changing color, but it is also a time where fall flowers burst with color! If you are patiently waiting for peak season or the time so you can take a trip to the Georgia mountains, a diversion to the botanical garden in fall can make a satisfying side trip.

The Botanical Garden in fall offers abundant beauty.

During this time of year, an abundance of fall flowers fills the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA. As you walk along the pathways, the beauty of the fall season surrounds you.

If you are wondering what is flowering this season, the answer is a lot! You might be amazed at the variety of flowering plants. Think about some of your favorites – like chrysanthemums, asters, daisies, lilies and zinnias. There are also golden rod and ornamental grasses. The Pink Muhly Grass blooming throughout the garden is lovely! You might also catch sight of some of the garden fruits and vegetables, hanging gourds, and olives on the Spanish olive trees. Of course, there are many varieties of trees and shrubs.

In addition to seeing the plentiful fall flowers, you can also catch sight of butterflies and birds at the garden. Fall flowers bring many types of butterflies and birds, including the Monarchs.

During the pandemic, many people seek out the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA as an oasis that provides calm and beauty. Visitors with disabilities can find ease of access. The new visitor entrance, bridge and outdoor elevator are now available for use, greatly improving visitor accessibility. Although some areas of the garden is terraced,many walkways are paved and many areas have ramps. In addition, the little ones can have fun while learning about conservation and environmental science in the children’s’ garden. If you are an adventurer and have time, several unpaved nature trails to explore.

As part of the University of Georgia system, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia at UGA is located in Athens. It’s outside walkways provide space for social distancing, but wearing a mask is recommended, especially during busy periods. To learn more about the botanical garden, visit